Israeli Government Video Erases Palestinians from History

A new public relations video by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs erases Palestinians from the narrative of the Holy Land, promoting an ahistorical version of the past that endorses claims to exclusive Jewish ownership of the land.

The state-sponsored PR clip , or hasbara, is designed for an English-speaking audience and presents a crude discourse about competing claims over historic Palestine, one in which modernity, in the form of the Israeli state, triumphs in a clash of civilizations.

The clip, entitled “Welcome to the Home of the Jewish People,” shows a secular Jewish couple, Jacob and Rachel, living in a comfortable, modern home called the “Land of Israel,” which is invaded by Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Crusaders, the British, and other would-be usurpers.

The Jewish couple, who are white and enjoy modern technology, are helpless as hoards of foreign invaders – likely played by Mizrahi Jewish actors – try to take over their home. Oscillating between lazy and violent, the stereotypes of each “visitor” are crude.  The Assyrians, for example, speak an indecipherable language and are quick to anger.

After the Greeks and Romans, the Arabs arrive. As the groups fight among each other, Jacob and Rachel move to another part of the house. Baffled by modern technology, Jacob pleads with a crudely dressed Arab to stop playing with his stereo, in one scene. “In the early Arabic era, they were really into music,” Jacob says, before Hava Nagila, a Jewish folk song, starts playing and the Arabs begin dancing.

After the Crusaders and the Ottomans, who are depicted as providing relative calm, the British arrive. After realizing that he is “not in Europe”, the British officer gives the couple a state of their own. The final knock is from a Palestinian couple, hitherto absent from the history of the “Land of Israel.” They look expectantly inside the house, before a speechless Jacob shakes his head in bewilderment.

The political propaganda is less than subtle. History is an arc, the video implies, which begins with the ancient Jewish kingdom and ends with the State of Israel. Jews, who are indigenous to the “Land of Israel,” have been subject to foreign invasions for 3,000 years. Only the State of Israel has provided them with a safe haven, one that must be protected at all costs.

This is a distorted narrative that combines historical revisionism with racism. Over 2,000 years of non-Jewish history and civilizational achievements in historic Palestine are reduced to a series of fleeting encounters with violent foreign invaders. The Jewish Diaspora, political Zionism, and the Holocaust go unmentioned. It is presented as indisputable that Jews are indigenous to the land and have never left – while the Nakba and Palestinian society are erased all together.

Produced by the Israeli government, such propaganda is far from benign. It legitimizes an expansionist policy over internationally recognized Palestinian land, explicitly denies the existence, and rights, of Palestinian refugees, and rejects all Palestinian claims to any part of historic Palestine – undermining any possible peace process.

While the Babylonians, Romans, and other empires have long disappeared — together with their claims to the land — Palestinians remain stateless, displaced, and dispossessed, the living memory of a history, and right to self-determination, consciously denied by the Israeli state.


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